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See what locals are saying about us in the customer testimonials below. Also, be sure to check out our Yelp reviews to see why we're the Oakland plumber with a 5 star rating!

"Brian of Mr. Fix It Right Plumbing gets 5 stars the old fashioned way... HE EARNED IT! I called him on a late saturday afternoon after my sink backed up and I tried to cleaned out the clean out drain and snake it with my neighbors help but it was still backed up. Brian not only answered my call but gave me hope that he was going to come in under 2 hours. I had called 3 other plumbers who as of today, still have not even retuned my call. Brian actually came in an hour and a half, cleared the blockage and had me back to normal in just a few moments. He was friendly and his pricing is very reasonable. My neighbor told me today for the same service another plumber would not even come out for less than $200. If you need someone trustworthy, Call Mr. Fix It Right! Thank you!" - Karen A. in San Ramon, CA

"Their men are super professional, friendly, and FAST! Thanks so much for quickly resolving our clogged drain! I called four or five other plumbers before finding Mr. Fix It Right on Yelp, and these guys were the only ones who were willing to come on a Saturday and on short notice. And for a very reasonable price." - Jenn D. in Alameda, CA

"At 7:20pm on a Saturday night, I had a hugely annoying bathtub that wouldn't drain. After 3 hours of draino, snaking, and pouring boiling hotwater down the drain, I gave Mr. Fix it Right Plumbing a call. In less than 20 minutes, Brian showed up! On a Saturday night! Freaking amazing. Brian snaked the CRAP out of my clogged up tub with his industrial gear and after 15 minutes, the tub drained magically. He was quick, super-friendly, and hilarious too. I opted NOT to save the disgusting hairball stuck in my drain. Mr. Fix It Right's prices are a GREAT deal, and their service is top-notch. I've been looking for a reliable plumber for years, and I don't think I have to look any further. Thanks guys!" - Sean N. in San Francisco, CA

"There's not a lot I can say about Mr Fix It Right that hasn't already been said by other reviewers. Really good, really fast service. I called them on a Friday afternoon when our toilet wasn't flushing and the plunger wasn't doing the trick. Brian was at my house within the hour, and unclogged our pipe in less than 5 minutes time." - Imani S. in Oakland, CA

"Not only can this company fix a clog but they can also hook up your refrigerator to your water system!! I had both done on the SAME DAY and the work was exceptional! The crew is trustworthy and so is the head Honcho! I RECOMMEND this company for your everyday plumbing issues and also for a great affordable fee!" - Tamu V. in Oakland, CA

"Had a toilet backing up from a floor drain in our bathroom. Called and they were here in 30min and rooted the line to the street. Problem fixed in another 30min and toilet worked again. Excellent work and reasonable fee." - Ben P. in Benicia, CA

"Wow! What a lifesaver -- cleared a drain blocked in two separate sections, making sure the job was done right. They came out same day and on time -- wish Od reached out to them first instead of wasting time with some other outfits. Highly recommend!!" - Molly W. in San Francisco, CA

"After calling and leaving messages earlier in the day for 2 other plumbing companies and not hearing back, I decided to get on Yelp and look for a 5-star, local plumber. I found one near me in Mr. Fix It Right Plumbing & Rooter. A Bryan picked up the phone right away and told me he could be at my address in 2 hours. He arrived on time and was very courteous. He immediately went to work on the clog and explained possible causes of it. He unclogged my main sewer line quickly and explained corrective options as he found suspected damaged within the line. As an option, he actually offered me advice on how to fix it myself since it didn't require too much technical know-how. When does that happen! Bryan was very professional and at $69.99 his drain clogging was super economical. I will call him whenever I need ANY plumbing issues for sure. Thanks again!" - Juan C. in Oakland, CA

"These two kind guys were one of the only businesses that answered our sad calls for help on Christmas Eve. They told us the exact wait time -- I had called at 4:15pm, they had three houses ahead of us and they expected to get to us between 7 and 8pm -- and came in that exact window, they were sooooo nice to work with (friendly, easygoing, yet completely professional), and fast! They even came back right away when we realized that the drain was still partially clogged -- not their fault, as I got so excited when it initially drained that I told them everything was done and they were fine to go, without running more water to check. They really saved us this Christmas Eve. I hope I'd never have to use them again, but I'll definitely call them first next time. Thank you!" - E. C. in Oakland, CA

"Quick, friendly service. They showed up within 2 hours. All the previous plumbers I have used and gave great reviews either didn't call me back or suggested appointment out longer than 48 hours (Ouch)." - M. S. in Oakland, CA

"I had a broken galvanized pipe leaking under my kitchen sink. I called Mr. Fix it right on Sunday evening and they arrived in 30 mins. They fixed it very quickly replacing the pipe with PVC (I think). We are very happy with their work and we are relieved we have quality plumbers to call in a pinch!" - K. T. in Oakland, CA

"Bryan and Victor arrived on time and got to work right away. Cleaned out roots quickly and advised where roots were entering - Will recommend to friends and neighbors." - Jeff B. in San Lorenzo, CA

"Bryan from Mr. fixit came along time ago to fix a clogged pipe in my house he was on time very professional and did a great job for a great price. Since then we've used him for a sewer lateral on a rental property we have and again right on time, best price quote we received and had the inspection done for us all within a day or two, which is more than we expected. It's really hard to find quality work at a decent price from honest people so I feel like these guys are a God send! Thanks Bryan and team!" - Senait M. in San Francisco, CA

"Bryan is the plumber for you! I have hired him a couple of times in the past several years and have never been disappointed. He unclogged drains in both bathroom and kitchen. Also helped us out when sewage was backing up into the shower. He is prompt and keeps his word. He is competent and skillful. He works efficiently and effectively. Most importantly his price is always affordable. Customer service doesn't get better than this folks. If you need a plumber call Mr. Fix It Right." - Stephanie P. in Oakland, CA

"I had to leave out of town and my kitchen sinks had water coming out of the drain! I called a few folks I found via yelp, but either I did not get a call back in time, or they were super busy that day or for the next few weeks. I got a call back from this company within the hour. These guys came in the next hour, like they said they would. They got straight to work, knew exactly what was wrong and got the job done fast. I did not have major complications, thankfully, so I was charged exactly what their ad says...$69.99. I am very grateful. Drain unclogged, and off I went!" - Angela A. in Oakland, CA

"Bryan from Mr Fix It Right did a great job for us for a toilet that got a bathtub plug flushed down it by mistake. I called him on a Saturday, he came out on the next morning (a Sunday!) and was able to get out the plug and make the toilet flush again. Courteous, on-time and effective and did it all for the advertised price of 69.99. I've added Bryan to my list of emergency numbers." - Erich H. in Oakland, CA

"Amazing, professional, great price. They saved our bacon on Christmas Eve and did an absolutely fantastic job. Would use them any time without hesitation, and recommend them to anyone." - Seppo H. in Oakland, CA

"Quick, friendly, and prompt service on a Saturday. Great price as well. Highly recommended." - Burton P. in Oakland, CA

"These guys saved my Saturday! My landscaper accidentally broke the water pipeline located on the parkway (the patch between the street and sidewalk) and water was gushing out. First, I called EBMUD, but they could only turn off the water, they don't fix pipes. So I immediately went to Yelp to find an emergency 24/7 plumber service. Several had great reviews, so I started calling down the line...well, the first two plumbers were answering machines telling me to leave them my phone number, and that they would call back. I didn't have time for that, I wanted an immediate live voice answering me. The third try I got a live voice, it was Brian from Mr Fix It Right. He told me they had just finished a job...and could stop by within the hour. I said, cool! Man, not even one hour had passed, as Bryan and his co worker (his name escapes me right now) arrived in about half an hour. Wow! They assessed the damage, parts, etc...and got an immediate competitive quote right there on the spot. I said, go ahead...and they promptly went to work. I inspected the finished product. All new parts, water leakage gone. They even closed up the hole with a shovel. These guys really saved the day, thanks to them...we all had hot showers that evening. The five star ratings they get here are for a reason...Mr Fix It Right is a great plumbing service, I highly recommend them, especially for a dire straits emergency. I'm keeping their number too, as they will be my regular plumbers from now on as well." - Hector Z. in Oakland, CA

"After trying to fix my clogged kitchen sink myself....and and not only failing, but cracking one of my pipes in the process....I called Bryan at Mr Fix It Right. Now this is after 9pm on a Monday night....he said he'd be over in 10 minutes (thankfully he happened to be in the area). He snaked the drain, cleared it, and replaced my cracked pipe....without much of a a fair, reasonable, price. He was a really nice guy, who was upfront, very honest and knows what's he's doing. I would not hesitate to call him again or recommend him to any of my friends. This independent business owner is the real deal." - Marv L. in Oakland, CA

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